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Come and have fun with us in nature. Get away from the stress of the city!

Vaal Adventures are one of the leading teambuilding companies in the Vaal Triangle and Parys area. We are fully mobile with most of our activities. We can do teambuilding all over South Africa for any corporate or small business who wants to unify their team. Vaal adventures staff has a passion for people and the great outdoors.

Vaal Adventures offers different venues such as game farms, good old farms, open fields, hotels, lodges all in the Vaal triangle and Parys areas. A variety of over 60 teambuild games on offer.We have combos available such as teambuilding/river rafting, teambuilding/paintball, teambuilding/quad biking just to name a few. Vaal Adventures also offers teambuilding activities on our rafting tours. Also on offer are some fun water teambuild games. Teambuilding is done by us winter and summer, all year round.

Contact us for a free quotation for your fun adventurous teambuild and more info on our teambuild activities? For a tailor made package!

Come and have fun with us in nature. Get away from the stress of the city!

Our comprehensive corporate team-building program are designed to invigorate and strengthen your team’s dynamics and performance. Our meticulously curated activities and are tailored to cultivate a culture of collaboration, communication, and mutual understanding among your employees, ultimately fostering a more productive and cohesive working environment.

Led by seasoned professionals in the field of team development, our corporate team-building initiatives are carefully crafted to address the specific needs and goals of your organization. Through a strategic blend of interactive team challenges, problem-solving activities, and experiential learning exercises, we create an engaging and transformative experience that encourages teamwork, leadership development, and innovative thinking.

Our holistic approach to corporate team building goes beyond the conventional, incorporating insightful assessments and customized programs to target key areas for improvement within your team. By emphasizing effective communication, trust-building exercises, and leadership skill enhancement, we facilitate the development of a unified and motivated workforce that is equipped to overcome challenges and achieve collective success.

With a focus on fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, our team-building events are designed to promote a sense of belonging and mutual respect among employees, thereby boosting employee morale, job satisfaction, and overall job performance. Through these shared experiences, your team will not only strengthen their professional relationships but also establish a strong foundation for sustained collaboration and success within your organization.

Join us in transforming your workplace into a thriving hub of collaboration and innovation. Experience the power of effective team building and unlock the full potential of your team with our comprehensive corporate team-building solutions.

Vaal Adventures offer indoor and outdoor team building activities.  Request more information today and book your next team building event. 

At Vaal Adventures we facilitate our own activities. Please note that we can book all your Adventure Activities.

We are mobile for a number of activities. If you have a suitable venue we will come to you!

We use our own equipment and boats!

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More than just team building

We do more than just team building. We ensure that you have fun while doing so